ICSI 2017 & DMBD 2017 Social Program

July 27 (Thu): Reception (map)
July 28 (Fri): Banquet (map)
July 30 (Sun): Optional Excursion

July 27 (Thu): Reception at a Beer Garden

Drink beer and eat foods as much as you like!

Date: July 27 (Thu)
Time: (tentative) 18:30 -20:00
Place: Beer Garden on the roof terrace of the Hotel Centraza Hakata
         (If it is rain, the place will be moved inside of this hotel.)
Food & Drink: Enjoy about 40 kinds of hotel buffet dishes and several 
                      types of beer, Shochu sprit, and cocktail unlimitedly.
Location:  See the below map.

July 28 (Fri): Banquet at an Izakaya Style Bar Restaurant

Enjoy course menu with unlimited drink!

Date: July 28 (Fri)
Time: (tentative) 18:30 - 20:30
Place: Hakata Shomon 
     6-2, Hakata-Eki Chuohgai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
     TEL: (092)433-4800
Food & Drink: Enjoy cuisine of the right photo and unlimited drink of 
                     abut 40 kinds of beverages.
Location:  See the below map.


Locations of a conference venue, reception beer garden, and banquet bar&restaurant.

July 30 (Sun): Optional Bus Tour

Inspect the Kumamoto Earthquake and Kumamoto Castle Repair and Enjoy Grate View of Volcano Mt. Aso!

Registration for this excursion and payment (7500 JPY including buffet lunch) in advance are required.

Date: July 30 (Sun)
Time: 8:30 - 18:00 (8:15 time of meeting)
Places: Mt. Aso and Kumamoto Castle

     Mt. Aso is the biggest caldera which length is 25 km in north-south and 18 km in east-west, and its size is the biggest in the world. It consists of somma and five peaks in its center area. One of the grate view point on the Aso caldera is Daikanbo where we will visit. The five peaks from Daikanbo looks as if Buddha is sleeping.
     Aso Shrine locates inside the caldera. It has 2300 years history and is the grand head shrine of 450 Aso Shrines in Japan. It had huge damage by earthquake and has been repaired till 2022.
  Five peaks locating in the center of Aso caldera area: view from Daikanbo on the caldera ridge. Aso Shrine before the Kumamoto earthquake.
      We the go to the Aso Farmland for lunch & shopping.
      Komezuka is a small old volcano that can be seen when we drive up to the Mt. Aso-Nakadake area. Its shape and color are quite beautiful as you see in the right photo.
      One of five peaks in the center of Aso Caldera is Mt. Aso-Nakadake that still emits smoke now. Although its volcanic alert level was reduced to Level 1 on February 7, 2017, approaching to its crater edge is still restricted as of May 21 until safety maintenance is completed.
(Case 1) This restriction is removed by the bus tour day, we will go to the edge of Mt. Aso-Nakadake's crater except those who have bronchial asthma.
(Case 2) This restriction is not removed, our bus will go to the nearest point to see its volcanic smokes.
   Komezuka in the Aso area  Volcano of Mt. Aso-Nakadake
     Kumamoto Castle is one of the most famous Japanese Castles.
     Huge earthquakes of magnitudes 6.5 and 7.3 attacked Kumamoto and Oita areas on April 14 and 16, 2016, respectively, and it is said that the total amount of damages in Kumamoto Prefecture is more than 270 billion JPY. Damage of the Kumamoto Castle is one of them.
      We will visit this castle that is on being repaired and the collapsed Aso bridge and inspect the damages of the earthquake.
  Kumamoto Castle (before the Komamoto earthquake). Kumamoto Castle (after the Komamoto earthquake).