Special Session: ICSI 2014 Competition on Single Objective Optimization


October 17-20, 2014, ICSI-2014, Hefei, China

(Please inform us via icsi2014competition at in case you have any problem or difficulty in your participation)


This competition will focus on single objective optimization, because it is the key and fundamental problem in the Swarm Intelligence. In this competition, we hope to provide a chance for every swarm intelligence algorithm to show its performance and to learn from each other. We welcome any swarm intelligence algorithm to participate in the competition, such as Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization, Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, Bat Algorithm, Intelligent Water Drops, Fireworks Algorithm, etc.


This competition will focus on single objective optimization problem only.

Instruction of the competition is available here

The codes of benchmark functions for the competition, along with an example of how to run codes and present the results, are available here

If you have any suggestion and problem, please inform us without hesitation.

Competition Paper Submission

Authors must strictly follow the manuscript preparation instructions at: ICSI 2014 Website, including the Submission deadline of the paper.

When submitting, please make sure you select the ICSI-2014-BS special session.

Contact Us

If you have suggestions to improve the technical report or if you find a potential bug in the codes, please inform us at icsi2014competition at